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New York Fashion Week Survival Guide

Fashion Week – September 4 – September 11

From shows to after parties, this guide will be your best friend during the most iconic week of fashion in the Big Apple.

New York Fashion Week is a staple for the fashion-adoring, trend-influencing designers, style ambassadors and streetwalking fashionistas of New York City. It is only necessary that in the hustle and bustle that is Fashion Week, you are prepared for the madness and more importantly, the fun that follows.

Running back and forth from show to show can be exhausting, dear fashionista. We know that at the end of the day, you want to opt for one (or all) of the following: a stiff cocktail, a chance to dance and shake the stress, and a chance to catch up on some much needed sleep. Check out our guide below to ease the Fashion Week troubles at Troy…

  1. Dress the part. Fashion Week is about style, and the Meatpacking District is the central hub for New York City fashion. With its designer stores, popular venues like Milk Studios, and more, it has become an iconic neighborhood in the fashion world. Show off your individuality with some stylish threads, like that Alicia + Olivia clutch you’ve been eyeing, the vintage blazer in your mom’s closet or a must-have pair of heels. Make the cobblestone streets your own personal runway and own them.
  2. Make your way. Fashion Week would not be complete without its buzzing nightlife scene after the shows. Walk the walk and enter Troy Liquor Bar, an underground den of rock and roll, fashion, art, and more, and the spot to be pre or post show.
  3. Shake it off. We’re playing the rock and funk classics, the hits that had everyone moving back in the day, and everything in between. Our DJ’s know how to get the party started and keep it going on all night. Stressed? Not anymore.
  4. Shoot it back or sip it slow. Our long list of specialty cocktails awaits you. Opt for a Dirty Boulevard or a Desperado, turn that phone off (if you dare) and enjoy your drink until the very last drop. 
  5. Grab a bite. There’s no time in between shows to sit down and eat a decent meal, so indulge in something to get you fueled back up. Sweet and spicy Chex Mix, guacamole and more are the perfect bites to reward yourself for your busy agenda and have you feeling back to your normal, pre-Fashion Week self.


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