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We love everything on our menu, which explains why it is there in the first place.  However, there are some that we order over and over and are our go-to recommendations.  These dishes go well with practically any drink you want to order at the bar whether that is one of our specialty cocktails, beer, or wine.  

Guacamole: You cannot go wrong with guacamole in our book.  You can choose between mild, medium, or hot, and you get enough to share with all your friends.  It’s not too filling so you’ll still have space to get in a few drinks, and it’s just really good, trust us – you have to try it.

Spicy Fries: Fries are such a great snack to have at the bar, and anytime really. Our fries come with sriracha aioli and chili dipping sauces adding a spin to ketchup.  The way our fries are seasoned will make you want to order more.  

Fried Mac N’ Chorizo: This is a good choice if you’re not that hungry but just want a light bite.  It comes with three creamy cheese and chorizo croquettes with a side of roasted tomato salsa.  If that doesn’t scream delicious to you, we don’t know what does. 

Next time you’re at our bar with your friends make sure to try out one of these dishes, you’ll love it.

 Spicy Fries (8)

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